Alysson Castro creative directs, art directs, designs, photographs, animates, conceptualizes, shreds a skateboard and a snowboard, and practices martial arts.


A native Brazilian now living in Brooklyn. He graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design focused on Motion Design from the highly acclaimed School of Visual Arts in New York City.
In 1996 he left his hometown of Salvador, Brazil and relocated to California to pursue his then budding career as a professional skateboarder. The skateboarding culture exposed Alysson to a plethora of rich underground art and music providing a constant source of inspiration that ultimately allowed him to develop his own style of drawing and design. After many years of throwing himself down staircases and handrails all across the country, he made the decision to complete his study of the arts. 

Having a passion for highly stylized films, movie titles and the art of graphic storytelling, he loves to put a personal spin on traditional graphic design elements such as logo design, typography and photography. His distinct design fingerprint is evident in much of his work. His natural talent and conceptual skills inspire everyone around him.

He worked at many networks and studios in NY, as an Art Director, Creative Director, Designer and Animator.

As a Senior Art Director, he is currently working multiple campaigns at Paramount Network and TV Land.

Please don't get too excited. This photo is from 2002!

Please don't get too excited. This photo is from 2002!